Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Yes.. Merry Christmas.. you read that correctly! It is Christmas at my house today.. the Purolator man came and brought my delayed Christmas present/stop smoking incentive (5 weeks now btw)

So, I am typing on my brand new Dell Inspirion 6000 Laptop.. WOOHOO.. I have wanted one for so long it just seems sort of unreal that I actually have one.

I am having a ball surfing tonight I haven't even had my nightly popcorn.. haha..

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Which is better?

I did this digital layout and I am not sure which I like better, the black and white or the colour.. hmmm... Any thoughts?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I noticed today that I don't have a lot in here about Cambria.... I guess because Curtis is with me all day and is infront of my camera more.

So this is all about Miss Cambria who is GROUNDED!! The Crime.. not preparing for a test and subsequently failing it. I explained to her that she is not being grounded for failing the test but more for not studying, not telling us about the test and just not being prepared. She said she studied right before the test.. well that didn't work so well. She got 9.5 out of 20 and it was on Provincial Government.. I didn't know some of the answers myself.. haha

So, she is grounded for a week from all her electronic shtuff.

TODAY she got to go Snowboarding with school and from everything she told me it was a great time even though she fell A LOT!

I am hoping to get out to the hill next time and get some photos so I can add them here.

TOPS update

BLECH.. is all I can say.. I am up 2.4 pounds from last week so I am at 150.4.. NOT GOOD..

I made a few goals yesterday at the meeting and am pretty proud of myself today as I have met two and am working on #3

1. Exercize - I copied a bunch of Yoga shows that were on this morning and did one.. woohoo (see post on Yoga and Curtis to come later)

2. Fruit - I am HORRIBLE when it comes to fruit.. I may have eaten 2 peices of fruit in th past two months.. eek.. so my goal was to eat 3 fruits in a week.. today I had 1 cup of Orange Juice.. apparently it counts.. WOOOHOO

3. Food Journal - I have breakfast and Lunch completed.. supper is a Lean Cuisine seeing it is a work night so that should be easy..

ohhhh I just remembered the last one.. DON"T EAT POPCORN AT WORK.. we have a machine and it is SOOOO good.. but it is soooo bad.. so I will not eat it tonight.. yikes.. !!

Tag, you're it!!

Tag you're it!
I am stealing this from Patti's Blog. The idea is if you are a blogger and are reading this one, you are officially IT and you need to fill this in on your blog.. haha Cute isn't it??

Four jobs you’ve had in your life

Being a Mom (self explainitory)
Avon Lady (a great job)
Deloitte & Touche (I was recruited straight from College as I was the top of my class)
Brampton Chrysler (reception)

Four movies you would watch over and over
Top Gun
The Incredibles
Dunno.. I am not a movie person.. :(

Four places you have lived

Summerside, PEI
Cole Harbour, NS
Newmarket, ON
Brampton, ON

Four TV shows you love to watch:~
Gilmore Girls
One Tree Hill

Four places you have been on vacation:
Australia - kind of vacation
Wistler (next Month)

Four websites you visit daily:~

lately www.dell.ca as my puter is being built
My Blog
Other's Blogs (they are a little addicting)

Four of your favorite foods:~
Roast Beef with all trimmings

Four places you would rather be right now:

hmm on a beach
on vacation
in bed sleeping
playing on my new laptop.. haha

Four bloggers you are tagging:

Anyone who is reading..BUT.. specifically

Concider yourself Tagged.. now go forth and BLOG!!

Crappy Winter

Yeah I am sure some people would think it is a great winter because of how little snow we have gotten.. but I was hoping to get the kids out sledding and playing a bit more (as I write this it is snowing like an SOB right now)

We had a couple of centimetres snow on Friday night so Sat when we got up it was pretty and white, but it warmed up quickly and it went away. I am attaching some pictures of the snowman that the kids and Todd built.. I suppose I could just say that the kids built as Todd is the biggest kid in the bunch.. haha

Rice Krispy Truck

This is the truck that Curtis made today at preschool.. and NO I am not a meany for making him take it home first so I could get a photo.. haha.. I let him eat the outside of the cutter peices and we dipped it in icing and put candies on it.. haha.

Today was a good one at preschool. The story that Mrs. P read was one of Curtis's favorites. Speedy Little Race Cars. He can actually 'read' the whole book! So as Mrs. P was reading I could see his lips moving or saying it right out loud. I bet that is the story that he will be requesting tonight at bedtime.

Monday, January 23, 2006


So.. I am getting my laptop! My hubby is the BEST I tell you... I am getting the Dell Inspiron 6000 and I am bouncing.. can't wait to get it..

I just checked my Order Status and this is what is happening right now.. I will update as new information becomes available.

Your order is currently being processed for release to the manufacturing

floor. Release is generally dependent upon approval of your designated form of payment. Credit card orders are usually released for production next business day pending availability of parts. Orders paid by cheque or lease are released upon receipt of the cheque/signed lease contract. Please allow 10 extra days for cheques that are not pre-printed.

Who are you?

So.. you all have read about me....now the question.. who are you? haha

I know a few of the people that are reading my babble.. but it would be nice to know who all is out there reading this.. Can you shout me a 'hello' so I can say hi back.. haha

Also, if you are a family member or friend reading this.. feel free to hit that comment button instead of emailing as this will keep the comments attached to the posts so when I am looking back I can remember what you said..


Friday, January 20, 2006

Book Title.. anyone??

So I have been trying to figure out a book title for over a month and I am not getting it and it is driving me nuts! I read this book in grade 7 or 8. It was about a Native Indian boy who was becoming a man. In order to do this he had to go into the woods by himself and survive for so long or fast.. I can't remember. Then at the end (if he lives) there is a big feast and he is a man now.

The book title is the name of the boy I think it starts with A and is about 6-7 letters long.. if ANYONE can help me.. please please do..


Thank you...

It was pretty freaky! And scary as well. I was driving down the 403 towards a scrapbook store this morning when I found myself behind a slow tractor trailer (he was doing 100 but I normal travel at about 120). I was in the right lane when I normally travel in the middle so these were two odd things. I even thought to myself while driving that I should get over but then thought nah.. I am happy in this lane.. What was that about? I am NEVER happy in the slower lane.. haha.. about 5 mins after this I am driving along (at 100 still) be-bopping to the music on the stero when I see a steel door fly off of the truck that would have been in front of me had I changed lanes! It more than likely would have hit my car if not come through the front window of my car.. cars behind me were swerving left and right.. holy crap it was scary... more scary when it hit me that 99.9% of the time I drive in that lane but made a choice to drive in the slow lane.. so whoever the Angel was that was driving with me today.. Thank you!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Brad and Matthew

So, after posting the photos below of my nephew Brad I have received a lot of comments about him. Although not all were brave enough to post them as a comment.. haha. One comment I got more than once though was that Brad looks like Matthew McConaughey. So I felt the need to do a comparisson picture.. So what do you think?

Preschool - Thursday

I took the camera to school today to get some pictures of what goes on there. I didn' want to fill this up with picture after picture so I combined some together with descriptions.. hmm kind of like a layout.. haha

Here is the first one.. Oh I also blurred the faces of the other children in the photos. I think you can click on it to make it a bit larger.

This one deserved it's own shot as it is the cars Curtis was working on with Playdoh (side note - I made some play doh last week for the kids to play with and I was actually super mom for a day!)

He has been enjoying, and Cambria too for that matter, the play doh that I made for them. It was pretty easy to make except for the constant stirring that is required.. it was quite the work out for sure!

The next set of pictures is Curtis making his train. I love this train and think it is his greatest work. Normally I try to influence his crafting and tell him where to put things.. yes bad mommy, but today I decided to just let him go to it and this is what he came up with. He pointed out to me all the things that I have detailed below. Remember to click on it to make it bigger.. also remember to comment on the blog by hitting the comment button as we will have those comments years down the road when he looks back at this amazing train!

Oh and I don't think I mentioned.. Curtis LOVES Preschool.. :)

First Day of PreSchool

Well, technically it isn't preschool it is a program that Curtis and I are going to through the Ontario Early Years (I think) which is called a Readiness Program. Basically what it is is a drop in program that has teachers there and they do teach some interesting stuff. So far we have worked on colours and transportation. If you want more info check out this site.

I will be posting here with Curtis' various accomplishments at school.. This is a picture I took on his first day.

I am actually a little late posting this as his first day was last Thursday.. but better late than never.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Printer Update

So the piece of crap printer that I got for Christmas is turning into an interesting story. I sent an email to the Lexmark people saying that I thought I was owed some compensation from this whole fiasco. A lady named Dana called me and started the ball rolling. Her concern was that the didn't have the actual printer to do any testing on.. then she say the pictures that are here in this blog.. (way down) and forwarded them to a guy in Kentucky to look at. Apparently he is the tech guy that checks out and tries to fix the bizzare things that happen and I guess that is where I fit... haha in the bizzare category, go figure!

So... what he told me is that he would like my memory stick with the pictures on it and they will give me a replacement stick. He is very interested in these pictures and in fixing them and figuring out what could possibly have happened to cause such corruption (apparently the technical word for my pictures).

I am very very happy that something is happening and I wasn't just told TFB. I was on the fence about ever owning a Lexmark Product again, as I do prefer that name brand in printers.... I am now back to being a fan of thier customer service at the least.

I will post an update when I have another one.


I am so excited! I got the okay today to get my laptop.. of course there are conditions.. I have to remain a non-smoker (two weeks yesterday with only one little slip up) and Todd will buy me my laptop.. WOOHOO.. I am SOOO happy...

I had pretty much decided on a Dell (see photo below) but I think I should shop around first and see what is out there.

If any of my Blog readers (is anyone reading) has any laptop advice I would love to hear it.. Thanks so mcuh!

Monday, January 16, 2006


Well the first 'lesson' is over and I am still alive with nothing broken. My lesson was not even what I would call a lesson. I was expecting a lot more for the amount of money that we paid for these lessons.. I went to skiing years ago in NS and you had to earn your lift ticket by being able to do a few little things and this guy didn't even do that. He was like okay.. put on your skis (which I didn't know how to do) and lets go up the hill... PARDON ME?? Yup.. up we went on the carpet thingy (which I didn't know how to do) and then we are at the top and I figured there must be a little space where you learn some basics but NOPE.. he said.. okay go down... yeah whatever.. I was shocked and told him.. I don't know how to go down the hill.. hence the reason I am taking LESSONS!!... he then showed me a snowplow and came down the hill with me as I was petrified doing this and getting more pissed as we go down the hill.

I had skiied before and I think I might have retained more than I thought I had as didn't do too badly coming down the hill, however, that is not the point.. I paid to be taught how to do it not basically thrown in the water for a sink or swim situation.

The other piss off was that the magic carpet thing kept breaking down so we waited int he line for it.. it broke, we went to the tbar the line wasn't moving then the carpet was working again so we went back there had one run stood in line again and got 1/4 way up and it broke and we were told to get off and walk up.. NICE! I am already upset about the lack of instruction now I have to walk up the hill (not a big one but not the point) carrying skis which I don't know how to hold properly and nearly tripped over twice... lovely.

OTHER than all that.. the coming down the hill wasn't too bad I think I will have a good time at Whistler..

Sunday, January 15, 2006

SO Scared

So today I go for my first skiing lesson.. to say I am scared would be a bit of an understatement. I have tried this skiing thing before and didn't like the fact that I wasn't in contol.. BUT.. I hadn't taken actual lessons so I am hoping that this time if I learn it properly I can do it with more confidence.

The reason for the lessons is incentive enough to learn. We are going to Whistler (Todd, me, Jay and Clara) at the end of February.. so either I learn to ski or I will be looking for something else to occupy my time there..

That is all for today.. more later when I return.. that is if I don't have broken limbs and can still type.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Incredible Shrinking Husband

I did a before and after a year picture for me.. Todd's I don't need to use a year for. His is a little over 6 months in the difference and man he looks good! I am not sure how much he has lost at this point, but I know he feels better and is much healthier and that is all that matters to me.

He said the other night when looking at my photo that he couldn't see a difference in himself.. I sure do.

Monday, January 09, 2006


So today was my first day going to a TOPS meeting. I had a great time and am very confident that I can get to my first goal of 135 in the 12 weeks that I have given myself. After that my next goal is 125 but I am not sure of a time frame for that, I guess I will see after the first 12 weeks are up.. who knows I may be there by then.. HA!

I did weigh in today and it was higher than I thought I had gotten but I wasn't shattered by the number as it was me who has been stuffing my face with all the yummy lindor's and peanut butter cups and well everything else.. haha so it was not a shock

The scale at home tells me 145 and the scale at TOPS reads 148.8 which apparently gets recorded as 149.. geesh.. so I have nowhere to go but down. I will post my results next Monday after my next meeting.

I have to get my ass to the gym though.. I have to do two days a week at minimum and then I will have skiing for the next four Sundays and that will count as some serious exercise I am sure.. falling down burns a lot of calories I am sure.. haha


Conversation with Curtis

Curtis ->"Captain Underpants is Special!"

Mommy->"Really? Why is that?"

Curtis->"Because he has a cool cape"

Mommy"Is Max special too?"

Curtis->"Yes" Mommy->"why?" Curtis" Because he has a lucky T-shirt"

Mommy->"Is Mommy special too"

Curtis-> "yes" Mommy "Why"

Curtis-> " Because you are my best friend!"


*****Edited to add***

Okay.. now there is a photo of Max and Captain Underpants. When I was taking these this morning Curtis asked why I was doing it. SO, I told him I was taking a picture of them because they were special to him. His response was that I should take a photo of me too because I was special to him too.. okay.. what does he want? hahha

Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Sig Graphic

Funny from Todd

So, remember the fiasco with my Christmas Present (see previous post about photo distaster) well, I am still without a present. I am trying to get a laptop and Todd is thinking of offering me a deal where as long as I am a non-smoker he will pay for the laptop and if I go back to smoking I get to pay. GREAT incentive for me.. so lets get on with this already.. haha (not sure if Todd reads or not)

Anyways, we were watching Miami Ink today (tattoo shop on TLC) and I said.. hey maybe I should get a tattoo for my Christmas present and then I said.. no.. I really want the laptop.. so then I say I should get a tattoo of a laptop.. haha.. Todd comes back with this one.. 'You should get a tattoo of a laptop on your ass...' 'On my ass?' I say... 'Yup, cause that is what you do ... sit on your computer all day.. hahaha... I have such a funny hubby.. I love him to peices and if you are reading.. KISS.. Can I have my laptop please???

What a difference a year makes

I am not even sure I need to write anything for this one as they say a picture says a thousand words. But then again I have never been one who misses an oportunity to babble on... although, this topic is a bit different as this is one where I feel GOOD about ME! Last January I weighed in at 163 pounds and was disgusted with myself. I made a resolution (likely the first I ever kept) to loose the weight. My goal was to get to 130. I am not there yet, but I will be. The last time I checked I was in the low 140's, but I haven't checked since Christmas.. haha.. but.. I am so pleased by this, I thought I would post a before and after shot... as embarrasing as the first is.. I am so happy by the shot taken today that I will show it.

Happy Birthday Brad

So we had a birthday party for Brad today (Todd's Nephew). He turns 20 on Monday.. wow.. talk about time flying. We all had a great time and yes I smoked, but only a little bit, but it had been since Tuesday when I had my last one.

We had some great food, great company and a great time. Curtis has a new best friend apparently, and a new favorite past time. Todd and Curtis started the day by playing Hockey on X-Box and letting me sleep in.. YEAH.. so then Curtis had the idea that maybe Brad would play with him when he came over for the party......... (side note) Curtis is very timid and afraid of people that he doesn't see in every day life. The past few times he has seen Brad he has been warming up to him, but wasn't quite there yet... well that all changed today. Brad agreed to play hockey with him and Curtis jumped into Brads lap... we are all still shocked by that.. and they played hockey for well over an hour without stopping. Curtis' favortie part is the bobble heads (I have no clue) and fighting.. haha.. even though Brad would let him win he had to take at least a few hits.. way to beat up a 3 year old Brad!

Cambria was a little put out I think by everyone watching Curtis play hockey.. I need to get her something to show off in while people are around or something. She did eventually start drawing and showed off her pictures which are very good. I will ahve to scan some sometime to put on her. She does really good Anime style drawings.

I guess that is all for now... Happy Birthday Brad!

Friday, January 06, 2006

My Christmas Photos Disaster

Seeing it has been a week or so now since the event.. I can write about it a little more easily.

Todd got me a photo printer for Christmas. It was very nice, quite expensive too.. I wasn't expecting such a nice printer actually. After spending Christmas Day at Kelly's we came home tired and stuffed and I came home with a full memory stick just itching to try out some of the new photos. I had 94 images on there from Christmas Eve to middle of the way through Christmas Day (when I filled the stick) . I put the stick into the printer and it said that there was an error. Immediatly I felt sick and though.. crap.. I should have copied this first.. well LARGE lesson learned. Something about the printer corrupted all the pictures on the stick (I did a test later and it did the same thing) As you can see by the two sets of pictures it was just horrible. The thumbnails are all I have left of all 94 pictures. The printer has been returned and I am think I am getting a laptop for Christmas instead (I hope). I am planning on making a layout using the thumbprints and perhaps one of the destroyed images.

The only thing that saved this from being a total disaster is that Todd's parents took some great photos.. (My favorite one is above)

Just a few things

Well the main thing... this is Day #3 of not smoking.. woohoo.. I am pleased with myself.

I took the kids shopping at Walmart today to spend the gift card's that they have accumlated and it was a very successful trip. Cambria got a Bratz Doll head, wicked jeans and a nice shirt that says LOL haha. Curtis got a Blue's Clues game for his V-Smile and some paints to use with his new easel.

Here is Curtis's first EVER picture of a person.. I am so proud!

Visit to Great Grandma's (from 360)

Visit to Great Grandma's

Off we went to Grandma's yesterday morning. The kids were excited to see her, but I think more to get tea and cookies.. :) And then there was the candy machine that I had forgotten about.
Grandma looked really good and Nikki and Chester came by as well. They brought presents for the kids for Christmas and for Cambria's birthday.

Now off to laydown for a while as Todd has shared his cold germies with me.. yuck.

Happy New Year (moved from 360)

Happy New Year
Well it is 2006.. wow how did that happen? The past year was pretty good for us. We got to go to Australia that was definatly something that doesn't happen every year! I got to get away for a weekend to Croptopia. Todd and I both lost a bunch of weight and I know I feel a lot better about myself and I think he does as well.
Looking ahead in 2006..
I am not a huge fan of making resolutions, but I do think that the New Year is like a fresh start so there are a few things I would like to get a fresh start with. First off I need to quit smoking again.. Todd will say, yeah yeah, I have heard that before, but really that is my plan.
Next on my list is to start a weight loss program again. I am not sure how much I gained lately but it and more has got to go. I am starting to go to TOPS which will be great for me.. not only will it keep me focused but will be social time for me, which I need badly.
Also on my list is this Blog. I would like to write every day, which I am sure is a lofty goal, so maybe every second day.. we shall see.
I would like to start my Avon back into full swing again as well.. My goal is to make PC this year and if I am going to do that I had better move my ass.
I am not sure yet how to end these entries.. haha... Maybe I should read some other people's blogs and get an idea from them.

New Year's Eve (copied from 360)

Happy New Year!
Well New Year's Eve. I am trying this Blogging thing out as a Resolution. I have always wanted to keep a diary as it is so cool to look back and see what you were thinking at any given time. I am just not very diciplined in that area.
So, I thought that having a blog will also help out my journalling for scrapbooking and is then an added incentive to 'get her done'
More later.. I am at work now.. shhh