Monday, February 13, 2006

Sassivivor LO - Advice... please!!

Okay.. I think I am done this week's layout.. I used the colour Green, Patterned Paper and Ribbon as my three things.. There is something I don't like about this but can't be sure what it is.. This contest is important to me so please be brutally honest.. what does this need??

i can only post this in my blog until the contest week is over..

So PLEASE tell me.. what do you think??

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sassivivor Week 2

Okay.. week two is here.. I will be working hard on this is the criteria

If you want to check out the store that is hosting the contest it is at

Upload layouts to either the Sassavivor Week 2 category or the Sassacraft Play Along by 11:59pm EST on Wednesday February 15th.
COLOR: Orange Purple Green
TECHNIQUE: Stitching Inking / Distressing Mixing and Layering Patterned Paper (minimum of 3)
EMBELLISHMENT: Metal (there has to be a lot of metal, not just a couple brads!) Ribbon Flowers

As far as I know right now I will be using Green, PP and Ribbon as my Required elements.. of course, I am female so this is subject to change at a whim.. haha

Sassivivor! Week 1

Yes.. someone has found a way to combine two of my favorite things.. Survivor and Scrapping!

I am thrilled I made it through week one without getting voted off. Week 1's Challange was to create a layout from the sketch, use the colour blue in some way and use a quote from Maya Angelou. My layout is shown here.

New and exciting.. or not

Well it has been a few days since I posted anything here. I am at work now and have some time to write so I will. I actually like my job and am very lucky that my hubby gave me the push to get a job. It is nice to get out and talk to.. well.. I guess they are adults.. haha. I work at a Chrysler Dealership as a part time receptionist. I think they should make some sort of reality show out of this place.. haha.. call it The Dealership.. I have new stories every night after working.. it really is an entertaining place to work.

My mom is visiting from Halifax this weekend.. I think I can write that now as the surprise should be over.. haha.. if not.. Hey Aunt Elaine.. surprise! haha.. It is my Aunt's bday and my Mom and my other Aunt are here to surprise her. Then tonight we have an engagement party to go to and tomorrow we are heading up to Newmarket to visit my Grandma.. so it is a busy weekend for me.

What else is new... hmm I am not sure.. Curtis got his hair cut this week. I should post some photos as it is so cute... he looks like a a boy again. Cambria hasn't been feeling well.. she brought home a notice last week about strep throat and scarlet fever in school.. the next day she had bright red cheeks and a rash on her face which is symptomatic of scarlet fever. I took her to the doc and he said it looked like it but she was missing one component.. the fever part... he put her on antibiotics anyway and now a week later she is feeling like crap again.

Hopefully she is feeling better tomorrow so she can go visit Grandma with us.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Swap Items

If you are part of the Basic Grey Swap on Canadian Scrappers and DON"T want to see stuff before you get it.. then don't look here.. haha


I was challanged on Scraptivity! the other day ( to get me scrapping.. my challange was to make a LO with Patterened Paper, Ribbons and Eyelets and to upload it by Saturday... It is Saturday but the Site seems to be down so I am putting it here for now and will put it up at S! when I can.

I am quite thrilled with how this turned out.. It might be my favorite ever!