Friday, August 14, 2009

Attention Avon Reps!!

Are you an Avon Rep? Are you looking for more customers? Or maybe you are in Leadership and would like to grow your team...

I have a decal for your car that will grab the attention of everyone who is driving behind you.

The decal is 7.5 x 6 inches and is White Vinyl with a Dark Pink Vinyl Swoosh. I can customize it with your phone number and your email or website if they are not too long as it would have to fit in the same space and teeny small letters do not cut well. (the black is so the white shows up well on the computer screen)

This decal is $10.00 and you can purchase one by emailing me at Payment is made throught my Weekend to End Breast Cancer Site

I have other decals available as well. Scroll down to see or visit and join my facebook group.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

New Decals

Some New Decals for you to take a look at! Most of the decals are $5.00 unless they are very complex or have a second colour vinyl. The size of the decal can be made to your specifics but the prize may go up depending.

I do custom decals, so please, if you do not see anything you like, just ask me and I can likely do it for you.

Super Boobie Fairy Logo - It will be cut from White and Pink or Pink and White $10.00 - See the next photo to see what it looks like on my truck! It is by far my most popular decal and looks spectacular on your car! Show your support by wearing a Super Boobie Fairy!

Don't let Cancer Steal Second Base. - This fun decal is $5.00. I have sold a couple of these and the drivers say they often see people reading it and smiling.

What can I say... I love Jacob! This decal will be cut in your choice of White, light pink or dark pink. Sorry, I don't have black as it won't show up on a window well anyway. This decal is $5.00 and I do have a boring old Team Edward if you are so inclined. I can do Team Bella too if you want. They would be $5.00 each as well.

Another of my more popular choices. This one looks amazing in Pink and is $5.00

This is a fun saying and VERY true. Everywhere you look if you see pink you think it is to do with Breast Cancer. I am doing my best to let pink be just a colour again... Are you?? This cute decal is only $5.00

Hockey Mom... yeah I am one of those. I need to buy a decal for myself. These are $5.00 each and can be white, light pink or dark pink.

Do you have kids that dance? This is the decal for you! $5.00 and can be white, light pink or dark pink.

I need one of these ones too.. haha.. $5.00 and like the rest is available in White, light pink or dark pink.