Saturday, January 31, 2009

Digital Fairy

My Newest layout - Made for a challenge at Scrapbook Flair

Feather from Love Hearts Kit by Jaelop
Alpha by DJFS - Frosted Glass Blue
Sparkley pink ribbon - Melinda Pink hope elements
Paper by - Tia_hearts alight_PinkOctober_2ps
Fonts - Victoria LET

Taylor Made Designs

I have been spending some time at this blog doing some tutorials..

Here are the results..

Blending Options Tutorial

Design Credits for Layout - Heritage Love Kit paper by Snowsmoon's Design
Paper Turned black and white for layout.
Font - My Dear Watson

Photo Editing - Saving Face



Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weekend "Laptop" Crop

Well that is what it was for me. It was very different taking only one bag to a crop... although I took all my paper stuff for Cambria so it really didn't count this time.

I printed off some of my digi layouts and I am very impressed by how 'real' they look and will be continuing in the digital world for the time being.

So.. onto the pages from the weekend!

First up we have two "Cheater" layouts as they are done with something called a Plopper - You can go here to download this one .

Here is the link to this one

The next two are not made with ploppers but are made with kits that I downloaded.

This is one of my favorite kits... I LOVE IT.. it is Jaelop Design - Love Hearts

The last one that I worked on on the weekend was using some of my FAVORITE photos of the kids.. I took them last New Year's Day when I was playing with the camera.

This one you can download at Shabby Princess