Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Training is going good!

This is my third week of training for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer and I have now surpassed the 25 Km mark!

I have been walking every day at lunch for 30 mins (except one rain day) and I feel GREAT!

I think I am going to 'step up' (haha) my walking and add in another 30 mins to an hour a day to really get my body used to moving.

I am going to be updating my blog and making a Facebook group where you can follow my progress.

For those who have already donated... THANK YOU so much for those who have not I am still WAY under goal and would totally appreciate ANY amount of donation.

Thanks and have a wonderful day!!

Lori North ->

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Has started! Yup that's right I have started walking at lunch time. I mapped the route and yesterday walked 1.83KM at lunch at today was 2.89 I think. So not bad. I took Curtis for a walk around Professor's Lake tonight and that was almost 3Km so a little more than 7KM's in the past two days.. Doesn't sound like much but it is 7 KM's more than last week.

I took some great photos of the walk at the lake and will post them later.. :)

Friday, May 09, 2008

Super Boobie Fairy

That is what I am! I am walking in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer in Toronto in September!!!

I will have my page up soon. I need to gather $2000. in sponsors... That will be challenging, but so will be the 60 Km walk.

But if my hubby can do a 200K bike ride for cancer, I can do this!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

More Bad Eating & Meeting Donna Downey

I know that isn't a great photo and I will of course be uploading all of the completed pages here and on my Facebook. trouble is I only finished 3 double pages and cover page..

Yes I know my problem now.. Food tastes too damned good! We will just not speak of my day today and my nice healthy salad last night either for that matter.

So... moving forward.. (loving that expression by the way)

I got to take a class from Donna Downey today. It was a year in the life of... class... but I of course had to be different and chose to do my Dominican photos. It was a fabulous class.. (Suzanne.. this was right up your ally.. you should see all the photos per page)

On to Donna herself.. She is just as awesome as I thought she would be. She is very well spoken, funny and a great person to hang with. Let's just say she would fit right in at Scrapalicious.. :)

Here is a photo of us taken today.. (Donna was showing me the Skinny pose here what do you think did it work?)

Tomorrow is another day and I will be hiking and Car Rallying(is that a word) so I will get my body moving.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekends SUCK!

Why do I think that I can reward myself with food on the weekend? I hate that but I keep doing it.. It makes no sense to me.

Lets see how bad it was... Friday night I went cropping at Scrapalicious and ate too many of the little yummy morsels of goodness. i am not sure what they were but they were sweet, buttery and nutty and I ate I think three of them. Thankfully they were very small only about 1.5 inch squares. Oh and I had a cookie on the way there. oh and edited to add a taquito that the food fairys left out when I got home.

Off to Saturday... breakfast was cereal and coffee then a slice of zucchini bread with butter. I had a Lean Cuisine for lunch and then went shopping. I grabbed a coffee on the way but didn't get a cookie that time... that is good. After shopping I was off to the pub. I had four Mikes Lite's (these were really good.. only 100 calories a bottle.. not bad if you are wanting a drink)

So then the munchies come out and I had two deep fried pickles, two jalapano poppers a couple of fries and a jack bundle. Not TOO bad actually. After we left the bar we went to freinds and had pitas with spinach dip and ketchup chips. I actually didn't have any supper that night.. oh and a brownie when I got home.

So now we have Sunday and how did it go.. coffee for breakfast, that was it.. feeling guilty about all the other food.. lunch was a tuna sandwhich with a bite or two of brownies (damned things) then a granola bar... then off for a two hour hike (WOOHOO). After we left there we stopped at the Apple Factory and were starving so I ate a cheese croissant and a cookie. Then home for bbq chicken, corn on the cob, potatoes with butter, some veggies in a creamy sauce (MIL made them) and of course pie and ice cream for dessert.. it was a small slice so that is good right?

No water to speak of all weekend... uggg.. why do I do this? Now I am thinking that I may as well have another little slice of pie and move forward.. I know I KNOW is should just go to bed but I am hungry right now.

Tomorrow is another day and it is a Yoga day so I get some exercise which is good.

I am off for the night.. Thanks for listening/reading all my babble.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Weigh in day

So Yesterday was my actual weigh in day, but I think the popcorn from the night before screwed my results as i knew I had done better than the .3 loss it was showing me so I tried again this morning and had a loss of 1.1 pound from last week.

So I am going to keep the 1.1 Loss as my loss this week... why not right?

My 10% Goal Ticker

Monday, April 21, 2008

WW and Journaling my Loss

I started a new group for scrapping weight loss (SYWL). I was going to start a new blog to detail it, but why not just blog it here with the rest of my shtuff. The first challenge is to create a page about how you look now and why you don't want to look like that anymore.

I did this one back in September and am using it for my first page in my Weight loss Journal.

I am doing Weight Watchers on my own and using the SYWL group as well as an WW Yahoo group as my support system. My first week I was down 2.8 pounds! I was so thrilled with that. I am pretty sure I am going to have a loss this week but am guessing it will be closer to 1 pound than almost 3.

Will check in again on Weight in Wed!