Saturday, September 19, 2009


So the walk is over and done with for 2009! The Super Boobie Fairies did an awesome job and raised over $12,000 as a team! Our goal next year is much higher..

If you are interested in getting a decal, the site to donate to has now changed as it is a new year.

That is the new link to donate to..

Thanks so much to everyone who has donated, bought a decal, supported me... you all rock!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Attention Avon Reps!!

Are you an Avon Rep? Are you looking for more customers? Or maybe you are in Leadership and would like to grow your team...

I have a decal for your car that will grab the attention of everyone who is driving behind you.

The decal is 7.5 x 6 inches and is White Vinyl with a Dark Pink Vinyl Swoosh. I can customize it with your phone number and your email or website if they are not too long as it would have to fit in the same space and teeny small letters do not cut well. (the black is so the white shows up well on the computer screen)

This decal is $10.00 and you can purchase one by emailing me at Payment is made throught my Weekend to End Breast Cancer Site

I have other decals available as well. Scroll down to see or visit and join my facebook group.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

New Decals

Some New Decals for you to take a look at! Most of the decals are $5.00 unless they are very complex or have a second colour vinyl. The size of the decal can be made to your specifics but the prize may go up depending.

I do custom decals, so please, if you do not see anything you like, just ask me and I can likely do it for you.

Super Boobie Fairy Logo - It will be cut from White and Pink or Pink and White $10.00 - See the next photo to see what it looks like on my truck! It is by far my most popular decal and looks spectacular on your car! Show your support by wearing a Super Boobie Fairy!

Don't let Cancer Steal Second Base. - This fun decal is $5.00. I have sold a couple of these and the drivers say they often see people reading it and smiling.

What can I say... I love Jacob! This decal will be cut in your choice of White, light pink or dark pink. Sorry, I don't have black as it won't show up on a window well anyway. This decal is $5.00 and I do have a boring old Team Edward if you are so inclined. I can do Team Bella too if you want. They would be $5.00 each as well.

Another of my more popular choices. This one looks amazing in Pink and is $5.00

This is a fun saying and VERY true. Everywhere you look if you see pink you think it is to do with Breast Cancer. I am doing my best to let pink be just a colour again... Are you?? This cute decal is only $5.00

Hockey Mom... yeah I am one of those. I need to buy a decal for myself. These are $5.00 each and can be white, light pink or dark pink.

Do you have kids that dance? This is the decal for you! $5.00 and can be white, light pink or dark pink.

I need one of these ones too.. haha.. $5.00 and like the rest is available in White, light pink or dark pink.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Decals - How to Order (and a freebie)

Thanks for dropping by my blog today! It is nice to see you here.

If you haven't been by the blog before take a look around (below) to see the different decals that I have already done. If you don't see one there that you like, you can email me with your idea and can let you know if I can do it and what the price would be.

The smaller decals are mostly $5.00 unless they are intricate or have many colours.

All of the proceeds of the decals goes to The Weekend to End Breast Cancer. If you are interested in donating materials (vinyl, mats, blades, more hours in the day) please let me know and I can offer you a link back right over there under Scrapbuggy's link.

I have a facebook group as well and all of the decal's are there, including some that are not on the blog yet.


Yes I have a decal that I am going to be giving away! What do you have to do to enter the draw?? Join my facebook group and leave me a comment either here or on the group that you have joined and that you would like to be in the draw.

If you are already in the group, post a comment in the group to let me know you want in on the draw!

And a shout out tonight to Paula at Scrapbooks and Smiles.. . Thanks for the mention in the newsletter.. you ROCK!!

A couple of new decals for your ordering pleasure as well.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blinkie linking

I am trying to offer up my blinkie button for people to use to link back to me from thier blog but I cannot get it to work. :(

Are there any blog experts that can help me?

The image is located here

and the blog address is

Does that help?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Some new Decals!

I have a few more to choose from.. and as always if there is something you would like cut custom, just ask and I will let you know if i can do it


This is my walking team logo and I have it on my truck in white and pink and it looks stunning!!
This deacal is $10.00

Forget the Whales Save the boobies - $5.00 Please note what colours you would like. White, dark pink, Light pink. You can pick one colour for the words and another for the ribbon.

Don't let cancer steal Second Base! - $5.00 Please note what colours you would like. White, dark pink, Light pink. You can pick one colour for the words and another for the ribbon

Screw the Whales Save Some Boobs - $5.00 Please note what colours you would like. White, dark pink, Light pink. You can pick one colour for the words and another for the ribbon

Let's make PINK just a colour again - $5.00 Please note what colours you would like. White, dark pink, Light pink. You can pick one colour for the words and another for the ribbon

I wear pink for my ________ Whatever word you would like there. Some choices, Mom, Mother, Grandma, Grandmother, Friend, Sister, Daughter, the Survivors, The Fallen.

Can choose either style of ribbon.

Please note what colours you would like. White, dark pink, Light pink. You can pick one colour for the words and another for the ribbon

If you are interested in any of these, please email me lorinorth @ rogers .com (remove the spaces)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Applying Decals

So you have received your Decal from Digital Fairy Designs and it is now time to install it.

1. Clean and dry the surface completely before installation.
2. Very carefully remove the sticky tape from the backing. (some will have some green painters tape holding the tape and the backing together. Remove this from the backing)
3. As you are removing the sticky tape from the backing, make sure that the decal is staying on the STICKY tape.
4. Once the decal is all on the sticky tape, place on surface and use a credit card to smooth out from centre to edges.
5. Remove sticky tape slowly, making sure decal is attached to surface... If not, use credit card to smooth more.

Here is a you tube video that I found that describes it pretty well. I would peel the sticky tape off slower than he did though.

I will take some photos of the next one I apply so you can see a play by play on how to do it.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Some Examples of Decals

Some of you might be interested in these car decals... :)
The first two are $10.00 and can be done for any company.
Pampered Chef, Avon, Mary Kay, Airbornne(sp), Melluca.... Any of those.
The others are smaller and are $5.00 each and of course are fully customizable.
They are cut in ONE colour and you have your choice of White, Pink, and maybe black.. I can't remember what I have upstairs.
Let me know if you would like me to cut one for you!

As Usual 100% of the money will go to the Weekend to End Breast Cancer.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Custom items for Charity!

So you have a blog and it is boring... Want a blog header CUSTOM made? I can help you with that and even better.. every penny that you pay is going to charity! YUP.

I enjoy designing and I need to raise $2000 for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer so I am putting them together and fundraising creatively!

HOW MUCH you say? I have been doing some research and it seems the going rate for a blog header is $25.00. However, I will not tell you how much to pay, whatever you think is a fair donation will be fine with me.

I also do custom decals for cars, laptops, cell phones, hockey/baseball helmets..anything really. The decals will be priced according to size as I do have to pay for consumables.

BLOG HEADERS I have done.


Sunday, February 08, 2009

Pot Luck Crop!

What a fabulous idea this was... there were 14 of us gathered into a living room/dining room , there was food, pop, water, desserts.. and cropping with friends.. honestly it was all the necessities of life right there in that room! I am thinking this needs to become a monthly event!

I did a few layouts while there.. but not nearly as many as I should have for being there MORE than 12 hours! haha

This one was done for a scraplift challege at

Here are the design Credits for this layout

love hearts kit by jaelop
template from gotta pixel


This next one was a quick one I did as I wanted to use the photos. I will more than likely use them on another project.

Colie's Corner - Forever and Always Papers


And this one was made for a contest at The contest is So you Think you can Scrap and the inpiration for this layout was Ballet.
Everyday Inspiration papers by Mindy Teresewa

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Digital Fairy

My Newest layout - Made for a challenge at Scrapbook Flair

Feather from Love Hearts Kit by Jaelop
Alpha by DJFS - Frosted Glass Blue
Sparkley pink ribbon - Melinda Pink hope elements
Paper by - Tia_hearts alight_PinkOctober_2ps
Fonts - Victoria LET

Taylor Made Designs

I have been spending some time at this blog doing some tutorials..

Here are the results..

Blending Options Tutorial

Design Credits for Layout - Heritage Love Kit paper by Snowsmoon's Design
Paper Turned black and white for layout.
Font - My Dear Watson

Photo Editing - Saving Face



Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weekend "Laptop" Crop

Well that is what it was for me. It was very different taking only one bag to a crop... although I took all my paper stuff for Cambria so it really didn't count this time.

I printed off some of my digi layouts and I am very impressed by how 'real' they look and will be continuing in the digital world for the time being.

So.. onto the pages from the weekend!

First up we have two "Cheater" layouts as they are done with something called a Plopper - You can go here to download this one .

Here is the link to this one

The next two are not made with ploppers but are made with kits that I downloaded.

This is one of my favorite kits... I LOVE IT.. it is Jaelop Design - Love Hearts

The last one that I worked on on the weekend was using some of my FAVORITE photos of the kids.. I took them last New Year's Day when I was playing with the camera.

This one you can download at Shabby Princess