Monday, May 23, 2011

Freedom of the Seas 2010

This is a LONG overdue posting that I am going to use as journaling for my Cruise Scrapbook.

One VERY cold and dismal day in February 2010 I told Todd that I wanted to go to Jamaica!  We thought about that for a bit and ended up deciding to go on a cruise.  After a lot of online research we selected The Freedom of the Seas and a Western Caribean itinerary.  We asked some friends to join us on the trip as we figured it would be a lot more fun with more people.  Paul and Patricia thought it would be a hoot so they came along with us.  I know Deneen is still kicking herself for not coming.

Our itnerary was:

Saturday, November 13 - Brampton/Buffalo/Orlando
Paul and Patricia came and picked us up and we drove to Buffalo to catch our flight on Southest Airlines to Orlando, FL.  It was a nice easy drive, although early, and we had no problems getting to the airport in plenty of time so we had breakfast at the Anchor bar.  Paul was smart enough to order wings and beer for breakfast.  Todd is still bitter that he didn't get the wings.

We flew into Orlando and then rented a car (which I didn't get a photo of.. odd) and drove to our hotel for the night, The Residence Inn at Cape Canaveral Cocoa Beach. 

Todd drove Patricia and I to the Mall as I was still short one bathing suit and then the guys went back to the hotel to ditch the car and went to Grills Seafood Deck and Tiki Bar.   After finishing our shopping Patricia and I grabbed a cab back to Port Canaveral to meet the guys.  We had the most insane cab ride!  He called himself The Boom Cab.  He had REALLY loud music, flashing lights and up until the week before a fog machine.  However he had that confiscated by the Police.  NICE.

We got to the bar in plenty of time to have lots of drinks and appy's but we did miss watching the Saturday Ships sail out.

I am not sure whose idea it was, but we ended up walking back to the hotel, crossing a major highway and only getting lost once!  Then it was sleepytime! 

More to come later!

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