Sunday, April 17, 2011


Last week I went to Scrapfest.  Had GREAT time and bought a keychain with a stamped image on it.  I have to say I have been a little obsessed since then and feel a need to learn to colour in an image like this.

I went to Walmart and bought 36 Bic Mark-It markers.. LOVE THEM!

Yesterday I went to Scrapbook Queens for a Queen's Crop and was introduced to COPIC Markers and The Spica Pen.

At 7.99 each these markers are VERY expensive so I only bought two as the BIC ones didn't contain a good caucasian skin tone.

Here is my FIRST card... :)  When I was on Kraftin' Kimmie's blog there was a BINGO card challenge so I made my card and used Flowers, Ribbon and a brad!

I think I might be hooked!!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

More Yellow

Some more Yellow shots... Now I need to decide

Photo Walk

Today we were out looking for the Colour Yellow and the Letter A.

I belong to two Photo Challenge groups on facebook

2 Day Photo Challenge

Scrapbook Queen's Photo Challenge

Curtis just joined the 2 Day group this week, Cambria has been a member for a while and has won a week!

Here are my Yellow shots so far... Curtis and I are going out again in a little while.

Curtis also took some VERY good shots, I mean he is only 8 years old! - For editing, I asked his advice on how he wanted the first few done and then the last ones, he grabbed the mouse and did his own thing!  I am so proud of him!

Not all of those are for the Yellow challenge, but all some awesome shots!

Here are the ones Cambria has shared...


It was a wonderful day!  Todd is away this weekend for the annual Drinking tournament... er Hockey tournament.  So the kids and I were on our own.

Started out with Curtis and I heading to Blockbuster to get a game and then to Chapters so he could get a new book with my GC that I won on Facebook!  Yeah...  He LOVES his book. (edited to add.. he has now finished the book, and claims it is one of the best he has ever read)   My friend Stacy recommended it and she was right it is a great read.  The book is called Danny in a new fangled world.  After Chapters we booted it down to Dixie and Dundas to the Henry's Outlet store where I bought a new CAMERA!!  Oh I am in LOVE with it too.  I got the Canon XSi which is 12 mp and a 3 inch screen of awesomeness!  I also got an extra battery, 18-55 Sigma lens, filter for said lens, SD Card and a 3 year warranty for $474.00!!  You bet I am a happy camper!

Saturday morning we had to get up and go to a special hockey Practice that was put on by the Brampton Fire Department.  It was SOOO COOL!  The drills they did on the ice were ones that used the fire hoses and pylons in the shape of fire hydrants.

After the practice the kids got lunch up at Don Cherry's and a fire saftey talk.  After that they headed outside for a tour of the firetruck.  Pretty cool of the fire department to do this.  The Firemen seemed to be having a great time as well.  More pic...

The rest of the day I had planned on scrapping and organizing some photos but that didn't happen.  I eneded up taking a 'photo walk' with the kids.  Cambria used the Sony camera and I let Curtis use the XT.  We had SUCH a great time!  I think this post is long enough though.. .I will do a new post with photo walk shots!