Monday, March 06, 2006

Some Vacation photos

This is when we first got to Whistler. It was about a two

hour drive from Vancouver because of construction, rain and snow.

This is at the top of the Whistler Gondola. It was very cloudy/foggy that day so you can't see the peak very well.

I will upload more later.. the children want supper.. geesh..


Back from Vacation

Yup I am back.. it was an interesting trip. Vancouver was warm.. and there were flowers and trees in bloom.. how odd for Feb/March.

Then it was off to Whistler and it was great! But I hurt my knee and couldn't ski. I don't really find skiing fun but I have been really trying to find the fun in in. I have taken lessons and stuff but seriously coming down a mountain like Whistler is pretty terrifying.. I fell after about 2 minutes on the hill.. We went to the top of the Gondola (likely a mistake) and the powder was deep and I wasn't used to it at all and fell a few times.. Once was a big wipe out and I had people on the chair lift above me asking if I needed ski patrol...

I got up and continued down a bit.. Bawled my eyes out went a bit more.. Cried went a bit more.. As you can see NOT FUN.. So I got down to a lift that would take me back to the gondola and took that down. Todd was incredibly patient and stayed with me the whole time and was very encouraging and not pushy.. So that was my skiing experience

The rest of the trip for me consisted of shopping, doing laundry, hot tubbing, drinking, and getting a massage.. so you don't really have to ski or board to have fun in Whistler!